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Effects of Gender Roles on Student/Professor Interactions


I recently wrote a 500 word paper for a composition class on the topic given in the subject line; I interviewed a female sociology / anthropology professor and a male women's studies / history professor for my two sources, which provided some regrettably unsurprising perspectives and anecdotes. I didn't ask many questions in the survey, given the limit, but I want to expand on the paper. Unofficial study of sorts, I suppose.

Here are the questions that I submitted to them:
How does the sexualization of professors by students manifest along gender lines?

How does the sexualization of students by professors manifest along gender lines?

What is the effect of student gender on levels and manifestations of respect for professors?

What is the effect of professor gender on levels and manifestations of respect for students?

How does attention/approval-seeking by students manifest along gender lines?

How is the doling out of attention/approval by professors affected by gender?

Does gender impact the perception of submitted coursework? (i.e. labeling theory)

Does the impact of gender roles change in any noticeable way in different areas/levels of study? (i.e. math versus history, or 100-level classes versus 500-level classes)

I suppose I'm looking for two things in particular: [1] more / better questions to ask, and [2] advice on how to go about the project. I know people in academia, and have a pretty freakin' huge pool of former and current college students with some knowledge on gender issues to interview. I just want to be prepared before I get involved in anything that will require a significant amount of time and energy.

If anybody is interested, I can email / post a link / post a comment with the contents of the paper itself. If not, my feelings won't be hurt.
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