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I hope this works and people comment, because I need your help. Here's the question:

What discipline do following interests fall into and why? (e.g. anthropology, religion, history, classics ...)

  • How people use stories to construct and reinforce their identity
  • gender and sexuality in classical mesoamerica, particularly through the lense of ritual and myth
  • the relationship between ancient greek myth and ancient greek identity of "woman"
  • how classical (greek and roman) conceptions of gender and sexuality influence current Western conceptions of the same, particularly through the medium of the Greek myths classes taught in many elementary and middle schools
  • white liberal western women of varying sexual orientations within "Goddess religion" (neopaganism, thealogy, Christian/Jewish feminists, etc.)
  • queer (LGBT), but particularly lesbian, identity in the religion of Lucumi in Cuba - more specifically those changes in Identity by race - and particularly through the lense of myth and ritual

    I ask because I want to become a college professor. My background is in Classics with a focus on gender and sexuality, but I know that I am interested in far more than that. I am applying to the top anthro programs, but have a niggling fear that they won't want me because I'm not "anthopology-y" enough. I'd rather hear it from you first, and adjust my course accordingly.

    I appreciate any and all replies.
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