Pastor of Muppets (syndicalist) wrote in socialsciences,
Pastor of Muppets

Military science -- a social science?

I have a simple question that I haven't been able to find a simple answer for:

Is "Military Science," as taught at universities, considered a social science, like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology (MIT teaches "Anthropology of War," etc.), Economics, etc.?

Or is "Military Science" its "own thing"?

UC Davis and many universities offer Military Science degrees to civilians who are not enrolled or ROTC or the military.

I'm in Austin and I emailed a Professor of Military Science at Univ. of Texas directly with this question. His emailed response: "It is a course to learn about the Army, and possibly become a commissioned officer once you graduate. Hope this helps."

I didn't really see this as helping. More like a question-dodge.

I ask because I am interested in areas where Sociology and Military Science seem to overlap.


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