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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
8:19p - New web-portal - Russian psychology in English

Dear colleagues,

we welcome Psyjournals.ruyou to the new web-portal on psychology –

PsyJournals.ru is aimed to provide conditions for fruitful communication between psychologists in Russia and abroad. The journals archives are generally based on publications of Moscow City University of Pedagogy and Psychology (MSUPE), the Centre for development of innovative programs in psychological education and practice. Read more >>>

 The core part of PsyJournals.ru is constituted with full-text digital archives of psychological journals:

Psychological Science and Education >>>

Experimental Psychology >>>

Also you will find free reviews and translations from Russian into English, information on Russian and international psychological events and much more.

Probably, the most interesting journal for you is Cultural-Historical Psychology.
The main goal of the journal is to preserve, develop, and pass down the glorious traditions of the scientific school of L.S. Vygotsky and of his disciples (A.R. Luria, A.N. Leontyev, L.I. Bozhovich, A.V. Zaporozhets, D.B. Elkonin, P.Ya. Galperin, V.V. Davydov, B.V. Zeigarnik and others).  
The journal focuses on problematic issues in cultural-historical psychology as well as on cultural-historical and interdisciplinary researches.

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